February is already here……. For me that means that spring and summer are right around the corner.  Hopefully the winter weather will pass quickly, and the onset of warmer days and sunshine will soon be upon us.  This time of year always gets me into countdown mode for summer camp.  Perhaps the thought of camp makes the cold and dreary weather seem less ominous for me.  I am busy planning my summer camp training and support for this year, and I couldn’t be more excited about all of the wonderful camps that I will be visiting.  I have already started some in-city training workshops and it feels great to meet with camp leaders and help them get ready for the summer.

Have you registered your kids for summer camp? If you have, then please make sure to share all and any important information with your summer camp – this will help them to ensure a smooth and successful summer for your child.  What do I mean by this? It can be anything from a new medication or medical condition (big or small) to a change in the family structure, to a social issue that your child may have experienced this year.  The more you share, the better equipped the camp will be to support your child.  There should be no secrets kept from the camp.

If you have not yet registered your child for camp, it is never too late to do so.  Whether it is day camp or overnight camp, there are always options available.  Do your research and ask a ton of questions.  Involve your children in the process of choosing the right camp for them.  This will not only ensure that they are on board, but it will also help to build the excitement of what is yet to come.

So, start getting excited, because believe it or not, before you know it you will be busy labelling clothing and packing duffle bags!


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